Q1: Are there seats in general admission?
Q2: Does the Amphitheater sell alcohol?
Q3: How much is parking?
Q4: Do you have RV Parking Available?
Q5: What about smoking?
Q6: Does the Amphitheater sell food?
Q7: Where can I buy tickets to an event at the Black Oak Amphitheater?
Q8: How do I purchase tickets online?
Q9: May I pick up my will-call tickets in advance?
Q10: Does Black Oak Amphitheater accept credit cards at the concession stand?
Q11: Does Black Oak Amphitheater provide parking/seating/assistance for the handicapped?
Q12: May I bring my child?
Q13: Can I leave a show and then re-enter?
Q14: Will an event be cancelled due to weather conditions?
Q15: Can I bring my pet?
Q16: What do I bring to a concert?
Q17: Is camping permitted at the amphitheater?
Q18: What should I NEVER bring to a concert at Black Oak Amphitheater?

A1: Please be advised our general admission area is located on a grassy slope with no seats. We recommend you wear appropriate shoes and bring a small blanket to sit on in the grass. Limited concessions and facilities are available.

A2: Yes. Beer, wine and shots are available at the concession stands. Only VIP’s enjoy a full service bar in their pavilion. Everyone must present a valid photo ID and receive a wristband to purchase and/or consume alcohol.

A3: Premium Parking costs $20.00 & General Parking costs $5.00. There is also a special parking lot reserved for VIP’s. $5 Handicap General parking (must display placard) with Shuttle available. $20 Handicap Premium parking (must display placard) available on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

A4: Sorry, there is no RV Parking inside the venue; therefore, oversized vehicles and RV’s will not be allowed in. FYI: It will be very time consuming and embarrassing if you try!

A5: Smoking is only allowed in Section M and General Admission lawn seating. No smoking will be tolerated in any other seating section. We do not allow smoking in walkways, concessions, restrooms or in the VIP lounge.

A6: Yes, we have BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Smoked Chicken Sandwiches, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, nachos, soft drinks, sweet tea, beer, Frozen Margaritas, Frozen Daiquiris and bottled water.

A7: Tickets can be purchased online at our website by clicking hereHERE. Please click on the buy tickets here link on the left side at the top of the screen.
Tickets go on sale at 10:00am central time, but can vary by concert.
Tickets can also be purchased by calling our box office.
Our box office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm.
Our box office cannot sell tickets before the 10:00am on sale time.
General Admission tickets are available at all Rapid Roberts locations. For a list of locations, please clickHERE.

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A8: Visit the Home or Buy Tickets Now section(s) on our website and choose one of the flashing BUY TICKETS buttons.

A9: Will call tickets can only be picked up the day of the concert after our parking lot has opened.

A10: Yes. Our concession stand accepts cash, credit & debit cards.

A11: $5.00 Handicap Parking (must display placard) is located at the bottom of the west parking lot. A wheelchair-accessible shuttle is available to carry passengers to the main gate. $20.00 Premium handicap Parking is also available on a first come first served basis in the Premium Parking Lot across from the main venue entrance. The amphitheater has multiple areas with handicap/wheelchair seating. Handicap patrons are allowed to purchase one companion seat next to the handicap/wheelchair seat purchased. Restrooms are handicap accessible and service can be provided for the concession stand. Patrons needing additional special assistance can contact our office by calling 417-779-1222, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

A12: Children must have a ticket to attend; however, Black Oak Amphitheater strongly discourages you from bringing any child to this venue. The sound levels of a live concert can be extremely dangerous to small ears. This noise can cause irreversible damage and trauma to children. Always consult a pediatrician before bringing any child to a live event.

A13: Black Oak Amphitheater does not allow re-entry to events for security reasons. Please be advised you will not be allowed re-entry if you decide to leave the security perimeter after your ticket has been scanned.

A14: All shows at Black Oak Amphitheater will be held rain or shine. During the concert season it is not unusual for a storm to come in the afternoon and clear up by evening. We encourage concert goers to watch the weather and dress accordingly. We have ponchos and seat cushions available for purchase. No umbrellas will be allowed out of courtesy for the viewing pleasure of your seat neighbors.

A15: Only certified service animals are allowed in the amphitheater.

A16: Tickets, ID, jacket, seat cushion, and/or a blanket.

A17: No, there are no camping facilities available at the amphitheater.

A18: Weapons or any items construed as weapons including but not limited to guns, knives, sticks, chains or fireworks. Never bring video cameras, audio recorders, or large cameras with detachable lenses. No musical instruments, no gifts for the band, no strollers, no umbrellas or chairs. No framed backpacks and no personal property that can be a potential hazard to the safety of others (wallet chains, jewelry with spiked edges, etcetera). No skateboards or in-line skates. No outside food or drinks, no alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. Our security staff conducts searches of all bags and you will be wanded by a metal detector.